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Have you ever wondered of advertising your products hanging on door knob?

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Plastic Door Hangers

Ever imagined what happens to your advertisement mail when it suddenly rains? The definite answer is your direct mailer gets spoiled & all your days hard works gets spoiled. So we at have brought plastic door hangers & plastic door hanger bags to solve your problems.

Plastic door hangers not only help in preventing from rain & water but is also shiner making it appear more fashionable. All our plastic door hangers are coated with waterproof layer that helps from getting damaged even from thunderstorm or flood. Plastic door hanger has become quite popular, some of the places were it is very effective are used as reference cards to promote your new venture or to inform consumers regarding new or exciting products. They are also used as parking permits, sign boards in hotels, automotive hang tags.

Plastic door hangers are very durable & can be used as a method to deliver your message quickly & effectively. Plastic door hangers prepared at are not only waterproof but also have a die cut hole that can be placed on any size of door knobs. They also come in four standard sizes from which you can select according to your choice. You can also place orders for door hangers with us that are full colored on both the sides. also offers Plastic door hanger bags which can be used to deliver your flyers, product samples, mailers, postcard & coupons. You can select from various size & shape offered here for your product. These packs have been proved helpful to many firms as it makes carrying advertising campaign material easy & light without the fear of being damaged in the rain.

You can place your order for plastic door hangers & plastic door hanger bags with us at & experience the difference that it can bring to your firm. It is considered to be one of the direct & simplest forms of marketing tool that helps in generating more business.